Tourism tranformation in post-Covid-19 world

Tourism tranformation in post-Covid-19 world

On 09 November an online event “Transforming Tourism for a resilient and sustainable post-covid world” took place. An event was organized by  the United Nations Environmental Programme.


As organizers state, the increased health and safety requirements related to the COVID-19 response increase waste generation and water use creating additional pressure in popular destinations where waste and water systems are already under significant stress.


Since tourism sector is one of those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities of its recovery should be considered. Rebuilding tourism is an opportunity for transformation with a focus on building more resilient communities and businesses through innovation, circularity, digitalization, sustainability, and partnerships. Participants supported ideas like “Flying less, visiting longer” or developement joint tourism products.

Sustainable tourism of the Carpathian Convention

Sutainable toursim platform was officially represented by Alina Szasz, the head of the Carpathain Sustainable Toursim Center in Romania.

The Carpathian Convention provides an impetus to find solutions via joint projects, observations, studies, to arouse the interest for the Carpathian regions and the people who live here. The strengthening of local economies and communities, and the conservation of natural values and cultural heritage becomes essential during COVID-19 recovery.

Prior COVID-19, in the Carpathians tourism was neither resilient nor sustainable – historical sites distoried, habitats disadvantaged, people living in UNESCO villages feeling unconfortable at home. The main challenge in realising the vision of sustainable development of the Carpathians through the implementation of the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development was the lack of an efficiently functioning cooperation network between institutions, the low institutional capacity of individual actors in the process, the lack of coordinated action on a regional level.

That is why in 2017 the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform with 3 Centres: Poland, Romania and Ukraine committed to cooperate more at harmonizing and coordinate country-specific, as well as Carpathian – wide approaches in order to ensure the implementation of the Carpathian Convention Protocol on Tourism and its Strategy monitored by the Working Group on Sustainable Tourism (WG Sustainable Tourism) and the Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention.

The CSTP with the Secretariat of the Carpatian Convention and CC WG ST should work more closely with all the National Task Forces to share data, good practices, ideas on recovery or why not already existing „Crisis Action Plans” , as is currently developing in Czech Republic with the priority to restart tourism in a sustainable way.

The Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development of the Carpathians already sets concrete actions which needs to be implemented to overcome the crisis. The VISION already encompasses three dimensions in line with what we need to do:Competitiveness, Conservation and Cooperation.

What we need to do as CSTP is to identify, assess, and where applicable, remove conditions unfavorable for the development of sustainable tourism. Lack of knowledge and financial resources are barriers towards sustainability. There is need for more environmental awareness and incentives for sustainable ideas for tourism businesses.

stated Alina Szasz.

Further developments

Other representatives of the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform, among which are representatives of the European Wilderness Society share the ideas of the need to join efforts in transforming tourism into more resilient and sustainable. Moreover also undertaking numerous steps, among which are awareness raising, sustainable tourism trainings conduction, consultation of European stakeholders and further implementation of the Respect Nature initiative.

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