Karin Eckhard, Sustainable Tour Operators Expert

Karin is an international expert on Sustainable Tourism certification schemes and has focused her professional career on sustainable tour operators

Anni Henning, Marketing Communications and Press Relations

Anni is a seasoned veteran of international press and media relations.

Michael Meyer, Consultancy and Management

 Michael Meyer started his career as a consultant on management of tourism facilities, working about 15 years on quality assessment and training of staff. In 1999 he became a member of the board of Ecological Tourism in Europe (ETE) to work on the topic of sustainable tourism development in and around protected areas foremost Biosphere Reserves within Central and East Europe. Since 2006 he also began supporting the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in giving advice to their member states on sustainable tourism planning and biodiversity-based tourism product development.

Being a member of the roster of experts of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) he had the pleasure to draft the International Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development of the CBD and the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development of the Carpathian Convention. His key expertise is coaching of tourism planning processes, capacity-building of local communities and entrepreneurs and sustainable tourism product development.

Bernd Räth, Finance Controller

Bernd year long expertise in managing the financial aspects of projects guarantees the highest accounting standards.

Max A E Rossberg, Management

 Max A E Rossberg, educated in Germany and Canada is  the chairman of European Wilderness Society. Due to his international business career and his multicultural education he knows that “The concept of a more responsible tourism emerged as a reaction to the negative impacts of mass tourism as well as a more holistic approach to the general sustainability discourse to achieve environmental, economic and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development.” According to his motto “ walk the talk” he supports the sustainable, responsible or eco tourism with his knowledge gained not only by living and traveling in many areas and countries but also in his trainings of UNWTO as well as CIRPA, AMA and IAPA.

Iryna Shchoka, Fundraising manager

Iryna is managing the international fundraising for the CSTP Projects.

Vlado Vancura, Protected Areas and Wilderness Expert

Vlado as a former National Park Director in Slovakia (High Tatras) he is also a veteran of the wilderness movement in Europe and is the expert on the management of protected areas.

Valik Voloshyn, Head of CSTC Ukraine

Valik is managing most of the international transboundary projects of the CSTP working from the Ukrainian office in Uzhhorod.
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