Respect Nature

Respect Nature is an initiative of the European Wilderness Society, which aims to spread awareness and train people to protect the nature we love by behaving appropriately. Humans can have a strong
impact on the nature around them when enjoying the outdoors.

The Respect Nature initiative offers key guidelines to support nature conservation as well as further sustainable tourism development in Europe.

Respect Nature principles

Respect Nature contains 9 principles

  • Know where you go
  • Stay on trails
  • Minimise camping impact
  • Keep nature clean
  • Make fire responsibly
  • Show respect
  • Respect wildlife
  • Respect others
  • Respect livestock protection

More educational tools

We already have a positive feedback on this concept from different European experts and already produced Respect Nature:

And we are on our way to translate them to other European languages. Stay tuned!

Ignoring of rules of visiting protected areas as well as its limitations lead to sever consequence. Therefore further introduction of the Respect Nature concept in crucial. My favourite Respect Nature principle is “Stay on trail”.

Serhiy Pidmohylnyy, development coordinator of Greenways Ukraine

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