Europe´s longest Mountainbike Trail calls for partners!

Europe´s longest Mountainbike Trail calls for partners!

Cycling Tourism is one of the most fast growing tourism activities. In Germany more than four million active mountain bikers are known.
In any area where long distance routes have been explored, described and promoted the number of guests increasing quickly. On the Danube Cycling Trail (started in 1984) more than 400,000 cyclists have been counted in 2010 and 680,000 in 2017. They generate 18.5 Mio. over nights.

Therefore, experienced cyclists, authors of the project “Great Carpathians”, Walter Hauer and Elisabeth Mattes, supported by Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Centers based in Uzhhorod (Ukraine) and Brasov (Romania) are offering partnership in submitting and implementing this project.

The Tour will lead across the whole Carpathian Mountains including eight nations. It will combine superb landscapes, national parks as well as culture and history – in short words: The National Heritage. It will be a unique Tour which has nothing comparable in Europe. Starting from one of the three capital cities Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna to the Iron Gate in Serbia. It will be primarily a Mountain-Bike-Tour with a rough description of trekking alternatives.

The Tour will be explored and described in a Guide Book which can be used as book and additionally on the webpage.
The Tour will use existing Bike-Trails to be implemented into The Tour.
The Guide Book information will be available to single cyclists as well as for regional touristic organisations and professional travel companies. The use in regional touristic offers is very appreciated.

More details:

  • about the project is here: Great Carpathians
  • how you can contribute to the project “Great Carpathians” you can learn from:

Walter Hauer and Elisabeth Mattes

+43 664 4032739

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