Education on Sustainable tourism in Ukraine

Education on Sustainable tourism in Ukraine

Sustainable tourism in the Carpathians is currently gaining more and more momentum. It is true, especially now, when the number of visitors in nature is growing and local economies require new impulses. In order to support this transformation, numerious experts and the European Wilderness Society are involved into the implementation of the Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians (Carpathian Convention).

Sustainable tourism protocol and the Strategy

One of the Carpathian Convention’s protocols is the Sustainable Tourism Protocol. For its implementation, experts developed the Strategy for the sustainable tourism Development of the Carpathians. This strategy has three objectives. One of them being the establishment of a continuous process of awareness raising, capacity building, education and training on sustainable tourism development and management at all levels. Recently implemented in Ukraine project “Ensuring sustainable tourism development in Ukrainian Carpathians” supports this objective. The project is implemented by the Agency of Regional Development of Transcarpathian region.

Sustainable tourism school and mentoring

This project in Ukraine includes the establishment and implementation of the “Sustainable Green Tourism School”. It aims at conduction of education course in an online format. Nine Ukrainian experts were involved into educational materials preparation and course delevery:

  • Halyna Shchuka, Doctor of Education, Professor of tourism, hotel and catering trade of the Hungarian institute by F.Rakoci II, delivered module on “Human resources and Couching
  • Roman Slavik, PhD on Economics, Associate professor of Physical Geography and Rational Nature Use Faculty of Uzhhorod National University, guide, delivered module on “Development of tourism products ecosystem in Ukrainian Carpathian
  • Nataliya Voloshyna, sustainable tourism, sustainable urban mobility, climate change adaptation expert at the NGO FORZA Agency for sustainable development of Carpathian Region, delivered module on “Basics of sustainable development and sustainable tourism
  • Vasyl Fomenko director of Ecotourism development foundation of Uzhanska valley, manager of the project GoToCarpathians, bicycle tourism expert delivered module on “Business organization in sustainable tourism
  • Tayisiya Symochko, National Contact Point of Horizon 2020 Programme for the priorities “Health” & “Food Security”, Project manager of numerous projects of different programmes, delivered module on “Risk management in Green tourism
  • Oleksiy Medvedev, expert on online business promotion, co-owner of communication agency, delivered module on “External and internal communications of green household. Technologies of internal and external clients involvement. PR instruments of green household
  • Liudmyla Kozlovska, expert  of one of the top 100 Ukrainian green households and communication manager in numerous projects, delivered module on “Cooperation and partnership in the green tourism. Business creation in the green tourism sector of the Ukrainian Carpathians
  • Valentin Voloshyn, coordinator of Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform, Chairman of Transcarpathian Regional Tourism Organization, delivered module “Diagnostics of the territory and specifics of rural areas in Carpathians
  • Iryna Shchoka, representative of the European Wilderness Society in Ukraine, expert of the project “Elaboration and Implementation of the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Carpathians”, Project manager, delivered module on “Sustainable tourism development in Ukrainian Carpathians, including Respect Nature concept”.

This is successful experience of the expert team joint work. And we plan to continue this way!

Valentyn Voloshyn, Coordinator of Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform

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