Decisions in favour of Carpathians (Carpathian Convention COP 5)

Decisions in favour of Carpathians (Carpathian Convention COP 5)

Today on 10 of October,2017 the Conference of the Parties 5 (COP 5) of the Carpathian Convention started its work in Lillafured, Hungary. The location of the conference is very close to the Bukk (in Hungarian –beech) National Park and the participants not only from Carpathian countries, but also from other continents started the work with the observation of the forest and the caves of the National Park.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the Climate Change, Biodiversity and Large carnivores issues.

The second day of the conference Sustainable Tourism Plenary session will compile.

Such presentations will take place:

  • Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform activities related to the implementation of the Tourism Protocol (Ms. Alina Szasz, CSTP)
  • Project – Support to the Elaboration and Implementation of the Tourism Protocol and the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Carpathians (Mr. Michael Meyer, ETE)
  • Common set of indicators measuring the positive and negative impacts caused by tourism in the Carpathians (Ms. Ms Cinzia de Marzo)
  • Carpathia Brand (Mr. Dawid Lasek, EUROREGION Karpacki)
  • V4 Found project
  • CARPATHIAN TOURISM (Ms. Agnes Szabó-Diószeghy )
  • Project idea The Great Carpathians” Europe´s longest Mountain bike -Trail Tour for Cyclists (Mr. Walter Hauer )

The session will be finalized with the discussion on future priorities and the Sustainable Tourism COP5 Decisions making.

European Wilderness Society is presented on the conference by Iryna Shchoka and contributing to the further support of the protection and development of the Carpathian region.

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