Carpathian Convention Sustainable Tourism 9th Meeting started

Carpathian Convention Sustainable Tourism 9th Meeting started

Today the 9th Meeting of the Carpathian Convention Sustainable Tourism Working Group started its work in Brasov, Romania. Representatives from Carpathian countries:

  • reported about the work of  the National Tourism Task Forces and other related activities within each country
  • discussed transfer of information on the national implementation of the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Strategy to the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform

Also Michael Meyer from ETE presented and facilitated discussion on the Documentation of the process on elaborating and implementing the Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Carpathians

Besides, CEEWeb for  biodiversity presented Carpathian tourism specific Databases on handbooks, projects and funding. Participants provided valuable feedback and proposals how to make data-bases more complete and user-friendly.

Tomorrow and on Thursday working group will continue its work and among other will discuss progress on the operation of Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Centres under the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Platform.

On Thursday working group will discuss project opportunities and initiatives, the Presentation on the draft Set of Indicators for Measuring positive and negative Impacts in destinations of the Carpathians and discussion on involvement of Parties for integrating the set of indicators into their monitoring systems will take place.

On Thursday separate meeting of 2 established Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Centers: Romania and Ukraine will be held.

European Wilderness Society is actively participating in these three day meetings.



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