Carpathian Sustainable Tourism

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Who are we

The Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Center, based in Uzhhorod is a joint initiative of the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Centers with the support of the European Wilderness Society with offices in Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. The Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Center, based in Uzhhorod has a dedicated multi-cultural and inter-diszplinary professional team of sustainable tourism experts, nature conservation specialists, marketing and business professionals, legal advisors and project managers whose mission is to develop projects and promote the intensive cooperation of the tourism sector actors from all the Carpathian countries in the implementation of the tasks listed in the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Strategy through an active network of relevant partners.

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What Do we Do

The Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Center in Ukraine (Uzhhorod) in close cooperation with the Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Center Poland and Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Centre Romania will assist the seven national Parties of the Carpathian Convention and their stakeholders in implementing the Carpathian Convention Protocol on Sustainable Tourism and its Strategy for the Sustainable Tourism Development of the Carpathians. The Carpathian Sustainable Tourism Center in Ukraine (Uzhhorod) will develop Carpathian wide sustainable tourism projects. It will also  harmonise and coordinate country-specific, as well as Carpathian wide tourism approaches by providing a common understanding and umbrella platform for planning and management of sustainable tourism. It is part of the comprehensive efforts of the Parties to the Carpathian Convention to coordinate the responsible use, protection and promotion of the Carpathians as a sustainable tourism destination.

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